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Historical Clothing Books
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Historical Clothing Books
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Stock #:HCB-59
European Civil and Military Clothing...
from the First to the Eighteenth Century. By Frederick Stibbert. The 217 Handsome plates depicting nearly 1000 individuals and their accessories reveal a remarkable panorama of European costume history.

Price: $21.95

European Civil and Military Clothing from the First to the Eighteenth Century

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Stock #:HCB-31
The History of Underclothes
By C. Willet and Phillis Cunnington. Complete descriptions of 500 years of underclothing.

Price: $12.95

The History of Underclothes

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Stock #:HCB-33
What People Wore
Contains 1800 illustrations from ancient times to early 20th century. Good reference for hair styles and accessories.

Price: $18.95

What People Wore

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