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Catalog of Colonial, Scottish, and Medieval Clothing, Patterns, Books,
Historic Camp Gear, & Period Accoutrements

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The Smoke & Fire Newspaper
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Listing battle re-enactments, historic festivals, rendezvous, and many other living history events from all over the United States and Canada!  Areas include:

bullet Medieval
bullet 17th Century
bulletEarly American
bulletRendezvous / Fur Trade Era
bullet French & Indian War
bullet Revolutionary War
bullet War of 1812
bullet American Civil War
bullet Native American
bulletOld West
bulletLate 19th Century
bullet20th Century
bullet Park Events
bulletMuseum Events / Exhibits
bulletAnd More!

Photos and stories of living history events, great cartoons, information on living history organizations and dozens of useful advertisers!

The Smoke & Fire News is your link to Living History Events and Information!


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 "We also welcome articles about your event(s) or other living history experiences.  Photos can be sent with an article about an upcoming event or a recent past event. We would love the opportunity to print it.

In writing an article, make sure it has the who, what, where, when, and is not written in first person.  When sending photographs, make sure to include complete information on who and / or what is in the photo and who took the photograph.  Brief notices are also welcome including birth, marriage and death notices and thank yous.

There is no charge to publish a notice or an article in Smoke & Fire News.  We encourage you to submit your article and photos electronically via e-mail to:  Or mail your article/notice to: Smoke & Fire News, ATTN: Editor, 27 N. River Rd., Waterville, OH 43566.

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Smoke & Fire News has a 45 day lead time for the publication of articles and event listings. This means, for example, that the deadline for the May issue is March 15!  Smoke & Fire News Deadlines are as follows:

Spring (March/April/May) January 15
Summer (June/July/August) April 15
Fall (September/October/November) July 15
Winter (December/January/February) October 15


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