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Catalog of Colonial, Scottish, and Medieval Clothing, Patterns, Books,
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SMOKE & FIRE NEWS, the international listing of living history events, would like to offer you the opportunity to promote your event (s) in the calendar listing of our newspaper.

If you have listed in our calendar in the past you know it is an effective way to reach the Living History community at no cost to you.  Our paper reaches over 4,000 people every month all over the United States and Canada.

Our paper does have a 45 day lead time, so be sure you get your event listing (s) to us as soon as possible.  If you have most of the event (s) organized (all but just a few details complete), send it to us.  This is a free form of advertising for you.

We will also accept articles about your event (s).  If you have a few photos you would like to send, that would be appreciated also.  The article can be about an upcoming event or a review of an event.  Just make sure the article includes the who, what, where, and when.  If you send photos include information on who or what is in the photo and who took the photo. DEADLINE UPDATES FORTHCOMING

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If you have not seen our newspaper before and would like a sample sent to you, you may request one below.   You may also order a subscription by following this link (sample paper may or may not contain an event submitted today). 

This is a FREE calendar listing of your event (s)!

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