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War of 1812 and 19th Century Study Books
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War of 1812 and 19th Century Study Books
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Allan Eckert: The Winning of America Series

Twilight Of Empire
By Allan W. Eckert. Sixth in the series. About the Northwest Territories and the Lousianna Purchase during the first half of the nineteenth century.

Price: $17.00

Twilight Of Emplire

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Stock #:BK-112
Farmers and Honest Men
By Horst Dresler. Through the lives of Henry and John Ruiter we witness the lives of the early settlers in the New York wilderness and whose lives were uprooted by the American Revolution. We see the conflict on a personal level, between the Ruiters who were Loyalists, and their neighbors who embraced the Patriot cause. The book follows Henry Ruiter’s adventures through the War of 1812.

Price: $24.94

Farmers and Honest Men

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Stock #:BK-800
Invaded On All Sides
By Ralph Naveaux. The story of Michigan's Greatest Battle Field scene of the engagements at French Town in the River Raisin in the War of 1812.

Price: $19.95

Invaded On All Sides

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